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About Redwood

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Redwood Elementary School

Redwood Elementary School is a K-8 community school serving a little more than 500 students. We have a diverse population, which includes a large Native American population, primarily our local tribes; Tolowa, Yurok, and Karuk. The cultural background of all students are respected, and ethnic studies are incorporated into the school’s curriculum and programs whenever possible. The staff has had professional development in the area of Native American culture and diversity. We incorporate local speakers, authentic Native American collectibles, and field trips into our curriculum. Redwood’s student population consists of students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. In fact, over 50% of our students are considered Socially Economically Disadvantaged. Redwood staff consists of 1 Principal, 22 teachers, a full-time nurse, 4 instructional assistants/noon duty supervisors, 12 special educational instruction assistants, 2 school secretaries (full-time) library assistant, two custodial staff, one SDC teacher and one RSP teacher, 1 music teacher, 1 P.E. teacher, 1 GATE Facilitator, 1 Speech Therapist, 1 Speech IA and 2 After School Care teachers. With a focus on raising student achievement and attendance rates, Redwood School is committed to providing engaging California State Standard lessons to all of our students by providing ongoing professional development for our teachers. One of our goals is to bring technology to all of our classrooms, and currently all of our students have computer lab time or devices in their classrooms. Many of our teachers also teach weekly STEAM activities and break-out sessions. Our Special Education Support Staff collaborates with our regular education teachers to provide appropriate modifications and support that allow all students equal access to the core curriculum in the least restrictive environment. Special tutoring programs include Classroom Buddies, Reading Heroes, Cross-age tutoring, and our After-School Program, which offers tutoring and homework support. Our special Student Awards programs include Student of the Month and numerous classroom student recognition incentives. Students are also recognized in a monthly assembly for Responsible Student Club, Student of the Month, Star Reader, Star Writer, and Star Mathematician, perfect attendance, and academic achievement each trimester. Our weekly assemblies highlight students playing music, dancing, and public speaking as a way to bring in our parents and community to our school.


Redwood School on North Bank Road around 1890
The schoolhouse is now located at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.